Mt. St. Helens Permits » Sun May 14th, 2017

Posted by Bill Guiffre over 1 year ago

It is Mother's Day. In honor of Mom, I am looking for just one permit. I cannot believe how fast they sold out this year! I am a Mazama, all around nice guy, will use it for sure, already have a skirt to wear but will be a little more elaborate than last year (my first Mother's Day climb so I was concerned about crampon's and wind catching dresses). I am a kind person have given (NOT SOLD) a bunch of tickets over the years to kind shows (after I received my first "miracle", I have returned the favor a number of times including this past summer at The Gorge for Phish (a woman who left her ticket on the counter and it was her birthday). But I am not looking for anything other than you agreeing to sell me your extra Mt. St. Helens permit. Bill Guiffre Hillsboro, OR

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